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Posted by Destin Real Estate Sales on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 at 11:13am.

In the age of the Internet some people interested in purchasing and selling real estate in may feel they can do it on their own to save money and get the price they desire. However, in numerous national surveys it has been found that most that decide to do so regret the decision due to the complexities of the real estate market. Sellers often do not get a decent price or become embroiled in problems, toil, sweat and sometimes even tears due to mistakes made that may even result in lengthy court battles or lawsuits. Buyers who are unaware of information that should be available to them often do not have access to complete information that they are entitled to receive which can cause financial loss. 

It is common sense for buyers to utilize the skills that a professional Destin Realtor has to offer them. Many buyers along The Emerald Coast are from out of town. Previous recent studies have found that the vast majority of both visitors and buyers in and around Destin are from the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Out of town buyers do not know the real estate markets as well as a local Realtor who has lived and worked here for many years. Such experience and resident knowledge of our area is invaluable to visitors who are in our area a short period of each year. An experienced local Destin Realtor has access to full Multiple Listing Services, knows the neighborhoods and may also know of previous clients who may want to sell their property before it is officially listed. Full time professionals, many with years of experience in this specialized field, fulfill multiple duties in a real estate transaction for both buyers and sellers. These include marketing a home, setting up advertising, scheduling appointments, drawing up contracts, helping to negotiate an offer that is acceptable to both parties, handling contingencies that may be a part of the contract, helping to meet important deadlines for timely Escrow Deposits, Building Inspections, Financing, Title Insurance arrangements, the official contract conclusion and addressing any obstacle or answering questions related to information that may be required to conclude a successful closing.

Negotiations can be a tricky business and your Destin Realtor will be able to provide you with a professional Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This extensive research provides you with all the facts and figures of previous sales of comparable properties in the same neighborhood, any pending contracts including those with and without satisfied contingencies as well as those similar properties that are being actively marketed at the present time. A local Realtor can also provide information on general as well as specific market histories for each property so that buyers and sellers have all the information needed before negotiations begin on a sale or before it is officially listed for marketing. Realtors can advise you as Consulting Real Estate Transaction Specialists so that a seller is receiving what they consider a fair contract related to price and contingencies while the buyer considers it a fair value for what is being purchased.  The Realtor also acts as a buffer between buyers and sellers which is particularly useful if contract negotiations become complex and things get emotional instead of being conducted in a professionally objective business like way.

Realtors are bound by a fiduciary responsibility to their clients regarding factual information pertinent to the transaction as well as discretion related to financial information, private personal goals and motivation, unless permission is granted to release such information. Besides laws that govern real estate transactions in the State of Florida, a very strong Realtor Code of Ethics based upon “the Golden Rule” reinforces such professional diligence for Realtors. This is governed through brokers at each agency, local Realtor associations and the National Association of Realtors, (NAR). Strict financial and even prison penalties are imposed if individual members do not adhere to these principals of conduct.

Here at Ocean Reef Real Estate, “aloha” is our company's official motto. “Alo” means “share” and “ha” means “the essence of life.” This spirit is the perfect description for the professional real estate services and generous hospitality we provide to others. For over thirty two years Ocean Reef has represented Destin vacation rental properties including everything from beachfront mansions to cozy cottages to highrise luxury condominiums in Destin and along the entire Emerald Coast. Many Ocean Reef guests fell in love with The Emerald Coast and wanted to purchase property here so the company expanded to offer professional residential Real Estate Consulting Services. Our professional Destin Realtors provide consulting services to help buyers and sellers with all their needs. This has dove tailed nicely with the rental operations side of the business since many buyers are interested in rental investment properties. Buyers love the fact that Ocean Reef has decades of expertise about residential properties including current pricing, statistical analysis, cost of operations as well as anticipated gross and net incomes for rentals. Sellers truly appreciate that Ocean Reef has created an extraordinary presence on the internet for marketing properties nationwide and spends a considerable sum of money on all types of advertising. The main website of which there are several, includes state of the art, very user friendly formats for viewing properties, prices and vivid pictorial images. Weekly articles or blogs are posted on multiple websites including Facebook about upcoming events, real estate news, property and neighborhood descriptions as well as interesting anecdotes about Destin's fascinating history. Souvenir Magazine, a glossy 100 page publication with beautiful photography is freely distributed four times per year on a seasonal basis which includes said articles, pictures of featured properties for sale and those that are available for rentals.

Besides the friendly professional staff, people are impressed with the elegant and very comfortably furnished offices in Miramar Beach and Seacrest Beach down on Scenic 30A.  Giant flat screen TVs are used to view property selections. Single family homes and condominiums can be geographically viewed from a “bird's eye view” on these big screens in order to check out all of the wonderfully varied neighborhoods that comprise this region. Welcome to the real estate “Spirit of Aloha” which is our own version of “the Golden Rule.”

If you'd like to learn about working with local agent and more about Destin Real Estate give us a call at 1.877.392.6085.

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