The House of the Future

Posted by Destin Real Estate Sales on Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 1:49pm.



The smartphone has not only revolutionized the communications industry, it is paving the way for the fully integrated home of the future. Several hundred apps are already available that allow Destin home owners to remote control various home systems and appliances. Using currently available smartphone apps, Destin home owners can already access their home computer network, turn lights and appliances on and off, turn down the heat or crank up the air conditioning, control sound and home entertainment systems, record and watch favorite television shows, lock and unlock doors, and monitor their home security system.


Researchers and IT engineers say that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the not too distant future, you and your Destin home will be in constant communication. If you’re running short on milk or bread, your refrigerator will send your smartphone a list of groceries to pick up on the way home. When your air conditioner is due for maintenance, it will notify the repair center directly and schedule a service call. When the serviceman arrives, you’ll be able to let him into your home, talk to him, monitor his activity and lock up when he leaves, all via your cell phone. No more waiting around for a repairman to show up.  


Within the next 5 to 10 years, researchers expect most home systems and appliances to be digitally connected and controlled remotely via smartphones. The groundwork for such revolutionary technology is already in place. A Samsung refrigerator that debuted this year has an LED screen that can be programmed to show news updates and recipes. Its current $3,500 price tag is expensive; but, like plasma screen TVs, is expected to drop quickly over the next few years. Already on the drawing board are refrigerators equipped with sensors to weigh and track food use, making hand-written grocery lists obsolete.


Next time: Crooning toilets?

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