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The most highly sought after properties in Destin are those that “have a view.” By “view” of course, we are talking about a waterfront property, but "waterfront" can be like comparing apples to oranges. What these properties do have in common is the fact that they are all on the water. However, they may be beside the beautiful beach, on the shores of the vast expanse of Choctawhatchee Bay, on a canal at Holiday Isle or on Destin’s harbor. Each type has its own special accouterments. So without further ado, let's take a look at the varietals of Destin Real Estate with a View!

Beachfront Destin Real Estate

Beachfront Destin Real Estate

MLS 805941:  2988 Scenic Hwy 98

Homes on the shimmering bright crystalline beach in Destin are premier, prestigious properties and considered the ultimate location by many buyers. Residents can walk right out their back door to their own beautiful beach and plunge into the warm jewel-toned waters of the luminescent gulf. The panoramic vistas of the sparkling sensational scenery span out into the southern horizon. Besides the gorgeous views, you may also hear the soothing sounds of the surf. During the summer months, full moons rise over the gulf towards the east while during the winter the sun drops into the western waters in glorious heavenly fashion. In Destin beachfront properties extend from the western tip of Holiday Isle all the way down Scenic Highway 98 past the Crystal Beach neighborhood to the eastern side of prestigious Destiny, ending at the border of Miramar Beach. Since location determines demand, which also defines value, these homes are usually the most expensive.  

Currently, there are 12 gorgeous beachfront homes for sale in Destin ranging in price from $998,999 for a three bedroom beach cottage* with 1,924 square feet ($519.23 per square foot) up to $4,599,000 ($1,009 per square foot) for a five-bedroom 4,558 square foot beachside villa. The average price of the twelve homes listed for sale comes in at $2,946,500 ($682.83 psf). Within the last 12 months, there have been six sales of beachfront homes ranging from $655,000 for a three bedroom 1,924 square foot cottage* up to $3,745,000 for a seven bedroom 5,632 square foot beach home with an average sale price at $2,400,000 ($611.43 psf).

*NOTE: The three bedroom cottage with 1,924 square feet that sold last year for $655,000 is relisted at $998,999.

Bay Front Destin Real Estate

Bay Front Real Estate Destin

MLS 809499: 4501 Sawgrass Way

Bay front homes in Destin are also popular since Choctawhatchee Bay spans across three to five miles from the mainland. In a sense homes here have an island-like setting and lot sizes are almost always more significant than those on the beach. Unlike beachfront properties most of the houses on the bay have long docks for jet skis, pontoon and shallow-bottomed boats due to the low water depths. At night twinkling lights may be seen across the bay from the other side which provides enchanting views. Spectacular sunsets in the summer and full moon rises during the winter occur over the water here too but in the opposite season from the gulf.

There are currently 14 Destin bayfront homes for sale ranging from $497,000 ($345.14 psf) for a three bedroom 1,440 square foot cottage up to $3,950,000 ($431.92 psf) for a seven bedroom 8,360 square foot mansion. The average list price stands at $2,118,214 which comes in at $464.19 per square foot. 21 Destin bay front homes sold within the past twelve months ranging from $549,000 for a two bedroom 1,510 square foot cottage up to $4,350,000 for an opulent 8,576 mansion with five bedrooms.  The average sale price closed at $1,565,916 at $372.77 per square foot.

Canal Front  Destin Real Estate

Canal Front Destin Real Estate

MLS 802252:  627 Gulf Shore Dr

These properties are made for boat lovers, and all of them are located on Holiday Isle. The Corps of Engineers built canals here when it was government land many decades ago which have decent depth even for large yachts. Almost all canal front homes in Destin include docks which are precious commodities since boat rental prices can be steep. Boats at this location are able to motor out onto the harbor and into the gulf or bay. The Destin Harbor borders Holiday Isle on the north side and the glistening jewel toned gulf runs along its southern shore. The only opening that connects Choctawhatchee Bay to the open gulf serves as its western boundary, so fishing vessels, sailboats and big yachts from many of these canal front homes are often seen skimming across the waters going back and forth.

There are nine canal front homes for sale priced from $819,000 ($308.36 psf) for a four bedroom property with 2,656 square feet up to $3,580,000 ($300.51 psf) for a giant 11,913 square foot mansion with eleven bedrooms. The average list price is 1,929,100 which comes in at $403.43 per square foot. Within the past 12 months, there have been nine sales of canal front homes ranging from $625,000 for a three bedroom property with 2,101 square feet up to $1,779,000 for a five-bedroom home with 4,077 square feet with an average sale price of $1,131,142 coming in at $308.10 per square foot.

Harbor Front Destin Real Estate

Harbor Front Destin Real Estate

MLS 803047:  617 Lagoon Dr

Destin’s harbor front homes also include docks for big boats and feature dazzling views of the gorgeous gulf in the distance since many of them are on a high sugary bluff along Harbor Boulevard with long staircases that connect to docks below. Some are directly on the harbor on the outer shores on Holiday Isle. This great convenient location is in the very heart of Destin placing residents a very short distance away from Harborwalk Village, which has a wide array of restaurants, waterfront bars, specialty shops, musical concerts, seasonal festivals and fireworks throughout the summer as well as on special holidays.

Seven harbor front homes are currently listed for sale priced from $1,275,000 ($378.11 psf) for a 3,372 square foot home with four bedrooms up to $2,395,000 ($470.81 psf) for a brand new 5,087 square foot five bedroom home that’s under construction. The average list price is $1,492,167 at $432.17 per square foot. Five harbor front homes have sold and closed within the past 12 months ranging from $750,000 for a 2,195 square foot four bedroom home up to $2,695,000 for 4,935 square foot Mediterranean style mansion with four bedrooms. The average price closed at $1,324,000 for $416.57 per square foot.

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