Being 'Different' Can Hurt Value of Your Destin Home

Posted by Destin Real Estate Sales on Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 1:51pm.


In America, we celebrate our diversity and value individual uniqueness; but in the Destin housing market, owning a home that is “different” from its neighbors usually puts you at a disadvantage when you go to sell your house. Homes that are significantly different from surrounding homes typically don’t sell as fast as homes that are more in-tune with their local neighborhood, say experienced Destin Realtors []. South Walton home buyers are less likely to purchase a home that is built in a radically different architectural style than its neighbors or that is significantly larger or smaller than other area homes or that lacks features that are standard in neighboring homes. Particularly when a sizeable addition or more luxurious features price a home beyond the neighborhood norm, Destin home sellers [] may find it difficult to recoup that added value.


Selling a unique home can be a challenge because home buyers are attracted to a certain area primarily by home style and price. A home that doesn’t fit the typical pattern isn’t what most home buyers who visit the area will be looking for. Getting an experienced Destin real estate agent [] onboard right from the start greatly enhances your chances of selling your home and recouping a larger portion of your investment. An expert Destin Realtor will know how to market, stage and show a unique home to increase its sale opportunities.


The following things can set a Destin house apart from its neighbors and make it trickier to sell:


  • Architectural style. A modern home that is all planes and angles can be harder to sell in a neighborhood of pillared colonial homes.
  • Size. A home that is slightly smaller than its neighbors is typically easier to sell than a home that is considerably larger. People who are looking for larger homes are likely to be looking in different neighborhoods where greater square footage is the norm.


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